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Hello October 2, 2006

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I am a common American citizen. I have a house, a wonderful family, a good job, fun times and not so fun times. I have been looking at the world for about a year and a half with a strange set of eyes. I am seeing things that it seems that the majority of other people are not seeing, or at least not talking about out openly. People hear murmurs’ here and there but they really don’t talk about the problem. It looks to me, that we like to have our blinders on and refuse to look at the whole picture. While some people don’t want to see, others stare at what’s happening with the look of a deer caught in the headlights.

I am one of these who had the blinders on and decided to take them off. In doing so, I have started to see things that are making me more than a little nervous. The objective of this blog is to show people what I am seeing and maybe get some folks to realize that today’s events are not just random occurrences. But it looks to me that they are leading to something bigger.

Muslims Feelings

In fact, I would have to say we are at the point that America was at in 1938 or 1939. We are at a pentacle of another great conflict. This conflict will not be between countries, it will be between Ideas and beliefs, or in other words; it will be another crusade this but it will be several countries fighting to bring a set of beliefs into check where radicals have gotten everyone so frightened that it would appear that the belief of a one religion is being run by someone even more hell bent than Hitler, in dominating the world.

I really hope that what I am seeing is a path down insanity but I am not entirely sure. As days events unfold we will see.



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